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Is the Bride responsible for the bridal party's hair & makeup?


There are so many expenses that go into the dreaded Wedding Day budget. Your hair and makeup should be a necessity when planning your wedding budget. Having your hair and makeup done professionally for your big day should take precedence as with your Venue, Flowers, Music and Photographer. You'll want to take some time thinking about your budget as well as your bridal party's budget. This particular expense can sometimes cause unwanted tension.

If you want your bridal party to look amazing and be stress-free the morning of the wedding, I would suggest also booking appointments for them as well. Obviously, discussing budget and payment options before biting the bullet and locking in a contract with a hair and makeup company. There are a few different ways that this could go . . .

The Bride Pays

In some cases, the Bride has the budget, or makes sure to find hair and makeup services that fit into her budget. If this is the case, the bride will gift hair and makeup services to her bridesmaids. Hair and makeup for a wedding day does not come cheap, especially if you want the job done right! Some brides feel funny asking their bridal party to pay for these services, so they take care of it. I have worked plenty of weddings where the bride foots the entire bill plus tip and I have worked weddings where the bride foots the bill and tells her maids their only job is to tip the stylists.

The Bride Pays Half

This is something that brides will address prior to booking hair and makeup services. She will come up with a price that her bridal party is comfortable with paying and choose her team from there. If the bridal party is comfortable paying $100 the bride knows that she needs to look for a team who charges $200 in total for both hair and makeup. She will then split the cost with her bridal party. This isn't something that should be a surprise on the morning of the wedding or in the weeks leading up to it. This should be properly discussed and planned out well in advance.

The Bridesmaids Pay Their Own Way

In some cases, the bride allows her maids to choose what they want to do. That is if they are paying their own way. She may tell them to go to whomever they want for hair and makeup. Other brides may include their bridal party in choosing who they hire for hair and makeup based on the budget they have. Then, there are some brides who choose the team that they love and let their bridal party know how much it is going to cost ( I will say, I haven't come across a lot of these, so don't worry)!

Long story short, being a bridesmaid is one heft expense and can be a complicated role. From the bachelorette party (do you chip in for the bride?), to the bridesmaid dresses, and the bridal shower gifts each bridesmaid pre-wedding spending is no easy task. So, making sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to hair and makeup and the budget that is set is something that is necessary.

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