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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose on-site services as opposed to visiting my local salon?


By having your hair and makeup services were done at the location you are getting married (or ready at) you ensure a timely day. There is no rushing around, trying to fit everyone in the same time slot with multiple stylists, running to and from the car in the rain or wind, or being rushed because another client has called. When you choose an on location company we arrive promptly at your site where you are comfortably waiting to be pampered. Our day is devoted to you and accustomed to your needs.


I barely wear makeup, how will I feel comfortable on my wedding day?


At your trial, our makeup artists will talk with you about what kind of makeup you’re used to wearing so that we can create a look for you that won’t feel overdone. We also have products for women who don’t like to wear a lot on their skin, such as tinted moisturizers, which keep the skin feeling light and looking radiant. At your wedding, you will be dressed differently—and more pictures will be taken of you—than on any other day. We will give you makeup that suits those circumstances while making sure that you still feel and look like you.


Will my hair and makeup last the entire day?


Yes, we use airbrush foundation which is guaranteed to last 12 hours and through tears, sweat, and weather! As for your hair, we make sure each pin is placed perfectly and we use a strong hold hairspray as well as humidity resistant spray so your formal style/updo lasts through the night and every dance move! 


When should I schedule my preview?



We suggest setting up your preview once you have your headpiece and veil. If they are not arriving until close to your wedding date, we say to schedule your preview 3-6 months prior to your wedding. 


Can my bridal party have previews as well?


Yes, we do offer previews for the bridal party.  We usually recommend those that have difficult hair or are picky 

with hair and makeup to schedule a preview so that the day of goes smoothly.


Are you able to accommodate large parties?


Absolutely! We have a staff of 10+ stylists and growing.


Do you charge a travel fee?


Yes, travel fees vary on the location we are traveling to. We will

give you a quote once we discuss location. 


*The client is responsible for any parking fees that may incur at the location of prep.*


How much time is needed for services?


We will create a detailed schedule for you prior to your event. Normally each service

takes about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes with the exception of the bride who takes about 45 minutes to an hour per service. 

For weddings, the start and finish time will depend on the time of your ceremony and the finish time is determined by your photographer.  We will always give ourselves an extra 1/2 hour to an hour just in case anything happens to go out of the schedule. 


The number of artists booked will depend on how many services need to be done in the amount of time allotted.

All of our clients have always been finished on time or ahead of time, we never want to rush a service.



Will my artist stay for touch ups?


Our artists will stay for a style change and/or touch-ups for an additional fee of $75 per hour.


Is gratuity included?


No, gratuity is not included however greatly appreciated.


How do I book From This Day Forward Bridal?


E-mail: or

Call: 347-680-8720


We will go over all of the details with you & decide how many

artists you will need.  Tressa will then send you an agreement as well as a form

to fill out with all of the information for the event date.


In order to secure your date, we require a $200 non-refundable deposit which will be applied

to your services on the day of the event.  This can be done prior to or after your preview. No dates

will be held without a deposit and signed a contract. If you have a preview booked, we will hold your

date up to 1 week after the preview without a deposit.


Any changes that need to be made must be done 2 months prior as our artist's schedules are

extremely tight. We also want to make sure everything runs smoothly for the day of your event and 

plan the schedule a few weeks in advance. 

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