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Stress-Free & On Schedule

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

The morning of your Wedding day can be stressful enough, which is why you want your beauty appointments to be relaxing and fun! You want to be relaxed, not tense, excited and ready to be glammed - not worrying about the schedule and being on time. The key to this is to be sure everything is scheduled accordingly (which nine times out of ten your "glam team" will take care of). Here are some tips as to what you should look for and ask for to ensure a seamless, stress-free wedding morning!

The Correct Order

We always tell our brides to schedule their "responsible" bridesmaids first, the ones who they know will be on time. The beginning of the schedule is the most crucial, it sets the tone for the entire day. If you have a maid who is even five minutes late, your entire schedule will be thrown off. Also, be sure to consider your mothers and maid of honor for the earlier portion of the schedule, this way they are available to help out prior to the ceremony. Your maid of honor is your right hand that day, you want to be sure she is available to take care of any last minute concerns. Those that you know like to sleep in or tend to be late all of the time, schedule them for the later appointments. "I always tell my brides, if you have someone in your party who is never on time, tell them they have the appointment before their actual appointment." The last appointments should be the quickest - the flower girls. Especially that they are fidgety most of the time which will cause their hair to fall loose or come undone. Having them finished right before photos is the best option.

.... They Can Have Their Opinions, You Make The Final Call

Everyone is going to have an opinion about their appointment time, stand firm! We ensure each client that no matter what time their appointment is, they will be touched up before we leave if they have to be. Most makeup artists and hairstylists use top of the line products that are highly reputable. These products will stay on until you wash them off or brush them out. For hair, we always tell our clients that any pieces that fall will fall naturally and still look beautiful. Each pin is placed with a purpose, they will stay in place! For makeup, most artists will apply a setting spray or powder to keep the makeup from "sweating off" or creasing and caking. Professional makeup artists will use professional grade products that are meant to last for a long period of time. If you hire the correct team, it does not matter what time you get ready - your look will last the entire day.

Photos Photos Photos!

I always tell my brides to inform their bridal party to have pictures of what they want their hair and makeup to look like. This not only gives the artist an idea of what they like and don't like but it allows for things to move along at a nice pace. Once the styles are executed, if they look like the photo, most of the time there are no issues and the stylist can move along to the next client. There is no miscommunication when photos are shown as well, we are able to discuss with the client if there is anything about the photo they do not like or want or anything they want to add.

Last but not least ... PREP

We always send an e-mail out to our brides explaining what everyone in their party should do in order to prep for the day. Number one - HYDRATE! Hydration = clear skin. Number two - moisturize! Hydrated skin is a much better canvas than dry skin. Number three - everyone should be makeup free, no mascara, foundation, eyebrows, liner or shadow. Number four - make sure everyone's hair is blown dry, as smooth as possible with minimal products and ABSOLUTELY NO FLAT IRON OR CURLING IRON to it! This will help execute a smooth, problem free updo. If everyone is prepped the correct way, each appointment will run smoothly.

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